Spirit Divine

Spirit divine your omnipotence beckons meimg_4377

True love and tender mercies unfold

You are the source of joy

I yield to your call

The hollows of my heart are now full

For your love pours throughout my being

Glorious are the blessings of each day

And peaceful are the nights

My soul is refreshed

Stay with me on this journey

And bless each encounter

My days here are numbered

And there is so much work to do





Falling in Love

Are you giving your heart to a stranger tonight?

 Are you hoping for love?

 Will you abandon your sensibilities recklessly and unabashedly?

Falling in love can be exciting and terrifying at the same time.

We long for love, but realize it comes with the possibility of a heartbreak.

It is much easier to put love aside, and just enjoy the company of another.

So we seek pleasure instead.

 Pleasure, like a magnet, is what draws you in.

Once the attraction is mutual, a desire for love and all its promises flood your senses.

Soon, you are rapidly tumbling down, losing yourself to the desire to be loved.

All the warning signs that were meant to protect your heart, go unheeded.

As alarms go crazy in your brain, and your heart begins its rapid dance,

a voice in the wind teasingly whispers to you “You’re in trouble now.”

You blush as the blood rushes to your head and your sweat glands go into overdrive.

Your environment is suddenly more beautiful than it has ever been before.

You can’t stop smiling and laughing, and even a cloudy day, can’t break this spell.

The risk of a broken heart, no longer concerns you.

Because, you tell yourself “This is true love”.



Music video featuring my son and his band Absolute Threshold, HORIZON.


enlight1In the event that I should die

Remember me and my troubled mind

We are not meant to stay

For we are just walking through

The butterflies flutter with glorious wonder

But who are we

That we are bound to the earth

With conscious minds that do not rest

Fools to think that we are special

When we are just walking through



The Hopeless Dreamer

5D007B80-90AB-440B-A051-ECADEBE4305BWhy do I pursue such a hopeless dream?

I’ve not become what I should be

Always living in a fantasy

It’s not that disappointment is new

Or that each heartache tears me in two

It is the void

The emptiness

Where love should be


I Hate – Hate

I try to be positive, I really do, but lately I find myself fighting the urge to hate.

This really bothers me because I want to spread a message of love, not hate.

It seems society is obsessed with anger and hate.

I wrestle with this because you see, what I hate, is hate.

I hate that people are harmed physically and psychologically by hate.

I hate that some people will hate you or me, because of the way we look, talk, our beliefs or where we come from.

I hate that people will turn their differences of opinion into a reason to hate one another.

I hate that innocent children are negatively influenced and often harmed by hateful comments and images in their daily life.

I hate the normalization and justification of hate in politics, the media and our culture.

I hate what hate represents, which is evil itself.

I dont want to hate, I would rather love and be loved.

So I will choose love.

I choose to love in the presence of hate.

I choose to love even when love seems impossible.

I will let our differences be reasons to love, and I will value you even when I dont feel valued.

I will smile when you insult me, for I know my worth.

Even as I write this I wonder if I can refrain from hate and anger.

The idea of spreading love is a great one, one that was started in biblical times, and yet here we are, still struggling with the concept.

I know it won’t be easy, but if I dont try then I am just another peddler of hate.

And I hate the idea of that.


The Daily Prompt – Escape Artist

The Daily Prompt – create” target=”_blank”>The Daily Promp

I am an escape artist

I escape from the chaos

To the silence of my mind

Where butterflies

And angels rule

I am free


The sorrows of world

Are far away

Sunshine blinds

And rainbows appear

Without the rain

I create


Colorful images

Fill  my brain

And then my canvas


I am the master

Of my own design

Armed with my brush

I am an escape artist



His Name is Jesus

You may have heard of him, his name is Jesus.  He was not born in a palace, more like a modest shelter surrounded by farm animals.  And yet, three kings were inspired to travel to his birth place in order to honor him.  But his birth also brought about great fear. King Herod was so threatened by his birth that he ordered the massacre of all male infants under the age of two.

As an obedient and loving child, he learned carpentry and worked with his father for several years. As a devoted son, and at the request of his mother he performed his first miracle. He was humble and loving to all he met. He did not judge others but accepted them with love and patience.  He taught them about God Our Father and encouraged them to do the same.  Often he was rejected and had to deal with those who were jealous and critical of him.  He experienced abuse, temptation, loss, and suffering, but maintained a loving presence.

The story of his life and death continues to be celebrated and revered today. He is a paragon of love.  If you would like to learn more about him, I highly recommend The Bible. He is also available through prayer and in the Sacament of the Eucharistic during Catholic Mass.

His Name is Jesus
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” target=”_blank”>Paragon – His Name is Jesus



Tears flowed freely from his eyes.  This was a first, as she had never seen him cry.  As blood gushed freely from the puncture wounds, she reached for him.  In shock, he was unable to breathe, everything seemed to be closing in on him.  What had just happened?  Unable to comprehend the magnitude of the situation, his limbs were frozen.  As he retraced what had led up to this moment, he was unable to remember exactly what they were fighting about.

Beautiful and strong, she had always brought out the best and the worst in him. As her breathing slowed, she softly whispered “I love you” and took her last breath.


Contemplating Life

Taper” target=”_blank”>Taper
She wondered why she was starting to lose hope. Always optimistic and lively, her light had burned bright. What had happened? How could her whole attitude change?

She never ran from challenges, but rather sought them out. The need to prove herself seemed to be embedded in her soul, but now?  Lately she had lost interest in fighting the quicksand that threatened to swallow her up.

Her imagination conjured up a beautiful red heart, full at the top only to taper down into a sharp point. Was this also reflective of her life?  Frowning, she contemplated the thought and then, it happened.

The sound was deafening. Screams and shouts followed the blast as a fireball nearly licked her face. Through blurred vision she saw people lying on the ground. She knew what she had to do, without hesitation ran towards the fire.

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